The City of Wyoming, OH

The City of Wyoming, OH

Come for the charm, stay for the friendships.

The City of Wyoming located in Wyoming, OH is a charming and quaint community with over 8,000 in population. For years The City of Wyoming’s small business community had consistent issues attracting outsiders into the community beyond its local residents. In collaboration with UStudio, we were able to tell their story on behalf of the City and small businesses through a strategic plan of public relations,  event marketing and management, social media marketing, and branded events.

Wyoming Community Foundation

We began by branding and developing the Wyoming Community Foundation as a tool to further the city’s capital improvement projects and programming centered around the community’s core master plan initiatives. We designed a logo, branding guide, website, events package, and provided sponsorship support for the Village Green Capital Campaign that allowed the city to raise over $300K towards the project even during Covid-19. You can learn more about WCF here.

The Village Green of Wyoming, OH

In January 2020 we launched the Village Green Capital Campaign to help facilitate private sponsorship dollars for the new park renovation; we incorporated a sponsorship plan and graphics including a PDF sponsorship packet, PowerPoint presentation, website design, and  kickoff party to announce the renovation plans and community feedback. You can read more about this project here.

Covid 19 Communication + Programming

After Covid-19 hit local communities throughout the country. The City of Wyoming sought ways to better support the small business community during the pandemic. We were able to walk the City through the communication of launching Hamilton County’s first DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area).  We composed a press release to share with Greater Cincinnati media outlets that gained Wyoming tremendous exposure. Given this was new to Wyoming, we were also able to assist in communicating the DORA concept to the community’s residents. Learn more about the Wyoming DORA here

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Wyoming DORA

Watch the City’s DORA video explainer video here

Smart City WiFi

The City Manager wanted to provide free WiFi for all residents and businesses in the community. Additionally, tracking data for the businesses was important to determine future programming needs. The City partnered with Cincinnati Bell’s Smart City solution to provide free public WiFi and to collect regular data for the community. We assisted the City Manager on internal communications as well as with the press and Greater Cincinnati media outlets. Learn more about this project here.

Shop Wyoming

The Wyoming small business district had never been branded as a destination. We were able to brand the business district complete with a Shop Wyoming logo and brand to attract ongoing traffic into the community. Additionally, we developed a Covid “Buy One. Give One.” gift card campaign and converted all 2020 vendor markets into “Shop Wyoming” digital events. You can also visit the “Shop Wyoming” online black book portal we created here.

Wyoming Events 2019-2021

Taste the Love: World Food + Music Festival

This festival attracted an audience from ALL backgrounds from the entire Greater Cincinnati region. With vendor collaboration, we also provided global education to the local community.

Fire Up the Pike: Food + Music Festival

In 2019 we created this festival that attracted an audience from all over the Greater Cincinnati region. We provided a platform for local creatives and vendors to display their goods. By incorporating Facebook advertising, we gained more internet visibility than Wyoming had seen before.

Bourbon BBQ + Blues

This already successful event was revamped with new branding to gain better visibility. We also provided event marketing support to attract attendees from all over the region.

Wyoming StoryWalk

We incorporated a StoryWalk on the Wyoming Hike/Bike trail in collaboration with the Hamilton County Public library. This was a covid friendly event that allowed families with small children an activity out of the house. 

Drive-In Movie Nights 

This event series was a huge success selling out three Drive-In events during a 2020 Covid summer and a huge fundraising success for the Wyoming Community Foundation.

Shop Wyoming: Virtual Markets

This event series gained a lot of exposure for the City of Wyoming’s “Shop Wyoming” brand. This series replaced the Fall Festival and Holiday One-Stop shops during Covid, the events received a very large amount of visibility on social media and record-breaking website stops.

Get Lit

Get Lit is a holiday house decorating concept that was incorporated into the JWC (Junior Women’s Club) Light Up Wyoming Luminary Fundraising Sale. This event brought traffic to the city of Wyoming’s Facebook Events page, immense website traffic, car traffic all the way from West Chester and NKY, and record-breaking luminary sales for JWC’s fundraiser.

Unconscious Bias Art Exhibition

This exhibition was an event concept in collaboration with Wyoming Community in Action, Wyoming Fine Arts Center, The City of Wyoming, and Wyoming small business retailers and restaurants. The event brought artists’ work from the Pendleton Gallery amongst other well-known artist locations. The event also attracted an audience of all backgrounds from all over the Greater Cincinnati region.

Event Naming + Branding + Press Management + Event Marketing

We worked in collaboration with the Wyoming Recreation Department on the following summer event series- providing event naming, branding, press management, and event marketing.

Fitness on the Green

Live on the Green

Pop Up Dog Parks

Pop Up Food Truck Nights

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The City of Wyoming, OH

The City of Wyoming, OH Come for the charm, stay for the friendships. The City of Wyoming located in Wyoming, OH is a charming and